The Fundamental 5

Due to overwhelmingly positive word of mouth advertising, we have been swamped with questions about the three new training sessions that we have been leading with instructional staff and administrators across the country. All three are delivered virtually.


The third new LYS training is for both teachers and leadership teams. It is The Fundamental 5: Effective Instruction in Remote Environments. Recognizing that remote instruction is less effective than face-to-face instruction, this 120 to 180 minute training explains to teachers why and how to modify The Fundamental 5 practices when delivering remote instruction.


The training is an overview and addresses the need to identify what to teach and what to re-teach; how to best modified content delivery to maintain student engagement; and, of course; the remote implementation of the Fundamental 5.


This can be a stand-alone training, but when paired with The Reboot Classroom, it has proven to be exceedingly powerful.


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