Over the past six months and 8 episodes we have been discussing the issues that have been important to you. You­—actual teachers and campus leader who have re-invented education, in real time, during a pandemic. With your state guidelines essentially being, “Good luck. Try not to die.”


We have discussed…


  1. Proactive Protection Practices
  2. Proactive Attendance Practices
  3. Proactive Scheduling Practices
  4. Proactive Grading Practices
  5. The Lift-Up Warm Up
  6. Proactive SEL Practices
  7. Proactive Staff Training

And today…

  1. Proactive Discipline Practices


This is the episode I’m most excited about. Proactive, humane, ultra effective student discipline practice was my original area of expertise. So this is a full-circle experience for me.


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Lead Your School, Wash Your Hands, and Get Your Shot!

Your turn…

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