I see where some schools have decided that they need to charge students for a facemask if they forget to bring one school. This is some combination of a “teach students’ responsibility” scheme and a money saving practice. I would suggest that there are very few circumstances where this could be considered a good idea.


First, there is the issue of campus health and hygiene. A student not having a facemask (regardless of reason) places both the student and those who interact with her at risk of contracting or spreading COVID-19. Give the student a facemask.


Second, the student could have legitimately forgotten her facemask. It happens (sometimes a lot, to the same person). Give the student a facemask.


Third, the student may not have a facemask, or a clean facemask. Home situations are more varied and fragile than ever before. Give the student a facemask.


Fourth, the student may have anti-mask idiots for parents. It’s not the student’s fault. Give the student a facemask.


Fifth, the student may be using the lack of a facemask to avoid a class or classes (See: I don’t have a pencil). Give the student a facemask.


Sixth, supplying facemasks is expensive. Yes. But it’s part of the cost of doing business in a pandemic. Give the student a facemask.


Finally, there is the student that is being oppositional defiant and showing up without a mask on purpose. Ok, we’ve all taught that one student. But that student is 1 in a 100. So have three options…

  1. Buy a facemask from the school.
  2. Do 15 minutes of school community service in exchange for a facemask.
  3. Attend lunch D-hall in exchange for a facemask.

Let the student decide. That way you are not the monster selling facemasks to students during a pandemic.


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Your turn…

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