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Lead Your School was established in 2006 by education icons, E. Don Brown, Robert ‘Bob’ Brezina, and Sean Cain. LYS is recognized for its expertise and innovative school improvement solutions. 

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The demands of the classroom have changed dramatically. Teachers need to know what works best and how to do it now. The Fundamental 5 Revisited: Exceptional Instruction In Every Setting, is the resource that every teacher needs to create an environment of exceptional learning and meet the external demands placed on schools. The expert use of The Fundamental 5 allows a teacher to increase student effort, thinking, and retention, while building productive and lasting relationships with students.

Little Things Matter: Management Lessons From Exceptional School Leaders

identifies the threads, patterns, and practices that separate the exceptional school leader from their less effective peers. Cain and Laird share the knowledge and insights gleaned from observing, studying, and collaborating with exceptional school leaders from across the country. Focus on the little thing and make the big things possible.

Stealth SEL: Healthy Social Emotional Learning Through Enhanced Pedagogy

The emotionally healthy and academically successful classroom is driven by integrated, purposeful teacher practice. No effort is wasted because there is no time to waste.  Stealth SEL: Healthy Social Emotional Learning Through Enhanced Pedagogy, provides every teacher an actionable plan to better meet the emotional, behavioral, and academic needs of their students.

Noteworthy Note Making: A Practical Critical Writing Solution For Every Classroom

This is your step-by-step plan for implementing meaningful note making in any classroom. Note making, a Fundamental 5 aligned practice, improves student thinking and retention. For noteworthy student performance, add a dash of Noteworthy Note Making.

Stack the Deck: Increase the Odds for STAAR TEST Success

Preparing students for the STAAR test is not easy. For teachers to have more students achieve greater success on the STAAR, they need to have a plan. Stack the Deck presents a concrete, step-by-step plan for increasing STAAR performance in every classroom, with every student. Great teachers leave nothing to chance. Great teachers Stack the Deck!

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