Last month at the AMLE National Conference in Florida, Dr. Mike Laird and I presented to a packed room. The topic, Coaching 1-On-1: How to Be a Better Instructional Coach, Today.  The audience was middle school administrators from across the country, and surprisingly, not one audience member has heard us present before. Below is what the audience members told the AMLE conference organizers what they thought about our presentation.


  1. Great session with practical tools and lively discussion.


  1. I love the idea of informal and semi-informal coaching and am excited to implement this on my campus.


  1. Good ideas on how to make the time available for informal visits. Good ideas on how and what to share with staff. Moved at a good pace. Kept me engaged.


  1. Super engaging. Very practical.


  1. The strategies shared will be very useful.


  1. Thank you for identifying a need and sharing your expertise. You both seem to have a wealth of experience that could really help grow people in coaching positions.


  1. Great presentation that connected with The Fundamental 5.


  1. (One hour was not enough time) This should be a two-hour session.


  1. One of the best sessions I attended!


  1. This was engaging and excellent … Loved it!


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