“It is exciting to hear this type of feedback from the conference. I did not have the privilege of attending, but I have had the privilege of not only seeing Cain in action, but I have witnessed some of his work in person.

I took an assistant principal with me on one occasion to a DAEP that Cain was doing extensive work with. The AP left feeling inspired and wondering why our faculty did not put that much effort into kids. In fact, the AP said he did not want to go back to such a kid-negative environment after witnessing first hand what was happening at this model DAEP.

I am skeptical of most people who deliver professional development, but I will say this about Cain and E. Don Brown – they walk it like they talk it, and I have seen that with my own eyes.”

SC Response
Thank you for the kind words. It has always been my belief that if people are going to listen to you and put their careers on the line to implement your ideas, then you must be willing to do whatever it takes to make them successful. Brezina, Brown and I never forget that and do our best to live that every day. If you are coachable, we won’t quit.

Think. Work. Achieve.

Your turn…