Hello, LYS Nation. This is the 2,700th post to the column. In continuation of our tradition, we will review our progress.


First, the review


The 1st post was on Monday, February 16, 2009.


The 500th post was on April 7, 2010


The 1,000th post was on March 7, 2012


The 1,500th post was on April 7, 2014


The 2,000th post was on April 21, 2016


The 2,500th post is was on August 23, 2018


The 2,600th post is was on January 24, 2019


The 2,700th post is today, June 4, 2019


The top 10 posts (from the last 150 posts) in terms of distribution, have been:


  1. Embrace Failure (5/21/2019)
  2. A PLC of 1, Isn’t (4/25/19)
  3. Teacher Pay and the Slow Death of Small Towns (4/16/19)
  4. Why Have a Coach (4/23/19)
  5. A Reader Asks… Lesson Closure in a Performance Classroom (4/24/19)
  6. A Reader Asks… Lesson Closure (4/17/19)
  7. A New Principal Asks… Rooms of Chaos (11/27/18)
  8. What Proactive Instructional Leadership Looks Like – The Raw Numbers (4/30/19)
  9. A Reader Asks… PowerWalks Description (4/26/19)
  10. The Response to Barriers (RTB) Series – Part 1: Response to Ignorance (2/19/19)


A little blatant self-promotion


First, if you like the blog and you haven’t signed up for the e-mail subscription, please do so.  I find that it’s easier to write to people than it is to write to web hits.


Second, if you like the blog and find it useful, tell three other people.  This blog is a much more powerful resource for school improvement when it is a dialogue.


Third, if you have not sent in a comment yet, please do so.  Education research points out that the act of critical writing actually makes the learner smarter.  Let the blog assist you in sharpening your saw.




Thank you so much for reading and responding.  This network, which started out as a way for just a handful of principals to stay connected has turned into a small nation of board members, central office administrators, campus leaders, and teachers who are focused on redefining student success. Who knows what we will discuss in the next 100 posts.


Think. Work. Achieve.

Your turn…

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