A teacher asks the following:



I am in graduate school working on my principal certification. My action research plan focuses on increasing staff collegiality through peer walkthroughs and feedback. I am interested in what PowerWalks entails.


Thank you!


SC Response

PowerWalks is a formative classroom observation system that uses an objective observation protocol that tracks over 40 elements of teacher craft.


The system is designed for high volume data collection and customizable data desegregation. PowerWalks differs from most observation systems (formative or summative) because the designers recognized that one, quick classroom observation is a random wisp of time.  As such, over-analysis of that single observation is a waste of time.


However, if 15 to 20 observations (by any number of trained observers) are collected in a 6 to 9-week period in a teacher’s classroom, a trend line of typical practice can be derived. With this trend line, a teacher and instructional coach can observe progress and make improvement plans for the next 6 to 9 weeks.


No other system is as accurate, effective, and fair.


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