Last week (on 3/29/17) I shared how I would respond to a teacher who was skeptical about the value of PowerWalks. Today’s post highlights what the Davis Report states about PowerWalks and improved teaching.  Click HERE to read the entire report.

1. The Davis Report presents evidence that suggests strong relationships exist between PowerWalks, the Fundamental 5 and rigorous classroom instruction.
2. The frequency of implementation of The Fundamental 5 on campuses with more PowerWalks was considerably higher than on campuses with fewer PowerWalks.

3. In general, it is extremely difficult to establish causality between two correlated events or observances. However, when a correlation between two variables is known, predictions can be made. A rooster crows because he has an internal clock that helps him anticipate sunrise. A crowing rooster does not cause sunrise. However, a safe prediction would be that there is a strong likelihood of sunrise when the rooster crows early in the morning.

4. Based on the data, the following predictions seem logical:

A.   Frequent PowerWalks will positively impact the utilization of The Fundamental 5. B.    The frequency with which The Fundamental 5 are practiced in the classroom will positively impact rigor. C.   PowerWalks + The Fundamental 5 = more rigorous classroom instruction.

5. Implementation of PowerWalks and The Fundamental 5 increases the likelihood that instruction will be delivered in a way that teachers believe is effective.

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