A LYS Assistant Principal asks the following.


I spoke with a teacher about PowerWalks and he did not understand how these are going to improve his teaching. He wanted to see some data to show how this would improve a classroom. I said I had seen it, but had nothing to show him. How can I convince someone that wants more than just my word?

SC Response There are several ways in which PowerWalks, when implemented correctly, improve classrooms and instruction. Here are just a few…

1. When another adult enters a classroom (as is the case with a PowerWalks visit), student on-task behavior improves.  This facilitates teacher effectiveness.

2. When administrative and support staff visit rooms more frequently (as is the case with PowerWalks), they develop a better understanding of the needs of teachers and students and become more responsive to meeting those needs. This facilitates teacher and classroom effectiveness.

3. If teachers are aware of the specific instructional practices that the campus needs to increase, then the actual PowerWalks becomes a cue for the teacher to attempt the targeted practice.  This facilitates teacher effectiveness.

4. When administrative and support staff visit rooms more frequently and collect objective data during the visit (as is the case with a PowerWalks visit), this data can be used to create game film.  This game film allows the teacher to see a picture of typical instructional practice.  With this information teachers can make targeted incremental changes to their craft that can make them more effective.

PowerWalks is a tool. Used correctly, the tool can make teachers more effective. Used incorrectly or ignored, then not much happens.
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