The following is the follow-up conversation between a LYS Principal and myself that began with the April 28, 2015 post, “A Principal Asks… How Do We Stack Up?


Good stuff.  But you get to see a lot more schools and classrooms than I do.  I want some targets, either to chase someone down or expand our lead.

SC Response Fair enough.

In regards to the implementation of the Fundamental 5, here are some numbers to consider.

Typical Practice (sample size – nearly 1 million classroom observations) Lesson Framing: Less than 5% Power Zone: Less than 45% Recognize & Reinforce: Less than 10% Small Group Purposeful Talk: Less than 15% Critical Writing – Less than 5%

Good Practice (significant separation from the typical classroom) Lesson Framing: 85% Power Zone: 60% Recognize & Reinforce: 20% Small Group Purposeful Talk: 20% Critical Writing: 15%

Great Practice (significant separation from the good classroom) Lesson Framing: 95% Power Zone: 75% Recognize & Reinforce: 40% Small Group Purposeful Talk: 40% Critical Writing: 25%

Your Campus Practice – Fall Semester (612 classroom observations) Lesson Framing: 64% (Better than typical; not good; not great) Power Zone: 43% (About typical; not good; not great) Recognize & Reinforce: 11% (About typical; not good; not great) Small Group Purposeful Talk: 27% (Better than typical: Good; not great) Critical Writing – 11% (Better than typical; not good; not great)

This is the important thing to communicate to your staff.

It is not about where we are right now.  It is about where we are going. 

We must continue our hard work and keep improving our instruction throughout the Spring.

If improving the quality of delivered instruction were easy, then typical instruction would be a whole lot better than what it is at this time.

Think. Work. Achieve. Your turn…

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