In response to the 11/28/2010 post, “Game On! Schools Write – Part 2,” an assistant principal writes: I agree with teamwork, 100%. But, I have a question. What if you are designated as a change agent for your school’s vision and your Principal is no longer willing to support the change as originally agreed to? How can you continue to implement change without involving him or her directly? If you make it appear as if it is her idea how do you eventually get the credit you deserve and need to show that you nurtured the change and made it a reality? Teamwork? SC Response The idea of change is much more pleasant than the work of change. There are many “leaders” who talk a good game, but have neither the courage nor conviction to walk the walk. If you find yourself working for such a person, your options are limited. You can revert back to the status quo, knowing that there are students that will be underserved (I never mastered this). You can focus on making your sphere of influence better off and ignore those areas where you have no authority (I’ve done this). You can find a better leader to work for (I’ve done this). You can damn the torpedoes and charge ahead at full speed. Do know this option is job, and possibly career suicide. I’ve done this and there are repercussions, so you had best be successful. In general, my advice is that you have to manage up as much as you manage down. If you have a skittish boss, paint the picture of the benefits and keep providing progress updates. Let your boss know well in advance if you have hit any speed bumps and what you have done to address the situation. And if the boss tells you, “No,” “no” remains the answer until you find a new solution or a new boss. As for credit, I don’t have a good answer. Things are either better or they are not. If my kids do better than yours, I’ll show you how I did it. If your kids did better than mine, I’ll outwork you until I rectify that situation. I’m always searching for answers; credit, though nice, has rarely been part of my motivation equation. Think. Work. Achieve.Your turn…Follow Sean Cain on Twitter@LYSNationAttend the LYS Presentation at the National Conference on EducationAttend the LYS Presentation at the TASB Winter Legal ConferenceVisit the LYS Booth at the NASSP ConferenceAttend the LYS Presentation at the Texas Middle School Association Conference