I was working with some new assistant principals today as they were dealing with a fairly cut and dried student issue.  Yet, they were bending themselves into pretzels trying to devise a solution.  After a while, I stepped in and said, “What’s the big deal? You do this thing, because it’s best for the students. Let’s move on.”


“Not so fast,” they responded.  “The teachers are going to have a problem if we do that.”




They definitely looked confused.


Here’s your school leadership prioritized decision making list.


  1. Is it good for student(s)?
  2. Is it good for the organization?
  3. Is it good for the community?
  4. Is it good for staff?
  5. Is it good for you?


It’s not that teachers are not an important consideration? They are.


But they are not the most important consideration. They are fourth. Decide and act accordingly.


That is leadership.


Think. Work. Achieve.

Your turn…

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