One of the things that you have got to remember is that it is not your school. The school belongs to the community. You are simply privileged to work for and/or lead it for a sliver of time. You can not let things become personal (after all we are professionals). As you move an organization forward, there are those who will not like some of the things that you are changing and improving. They may fight and slander you, but you have to realize that they don’t hate you personally; they hate the change that you represent. Stay focused on ensuring that all students (especially those without advocates) are better off because of your leadership. When you leave, and we all leave eventually, your legacy is not how many people liked you. Your legacy is if you hand off the district or campus in a better position than when you received it.


SC Note
If you happen to be in London, England next week, make sure you visit Cambridge University. While you are there you can hear Mr. Brezina address an international audience. The topic: Schools of Promise.

LYS Nation, he will be sharing with the World the results and promise of your hard work.

Think. Work. Achieve.