Too many people believe that if someone occupies the position, then they must be a leader.  Be it Principal, Superintendent, Mayor or President.


Nothing could be further from the truth.


The position may represent leadership.  The position may deserve a floor level of respect.  But just sitting in the chair doesn’t magically endow the occupant leadership skills and a leader’s mindset and focus.  Just like the man sitting in Santa’s chair at the mall, isn’t magically transformed into Santa Claus.


Being an effective leader is a pursuit. And active, reflective engagement in that pursuit changes you.


E. Don Brown teaches us that a leader doesn’t have the luxury of having an “opinion” or a sense of humor. Because both have the capacity to cause greater detriment to the organization than benefit.


Wayne Schaper, Sr. teaches us that a leader doesn’t have the luxury to ignore or marginalize anyone the organization is responsible for serving. Because it is the leader’s attention to that group that is the difference between the group being accepted or shunned.


Robert “Bob” Brezina teaches us that it is the leader who ensures that the organization provides a safety net to those it serves.  Because the provision of a safety net requires sacrifice and singular commitment to others.  Two things that the mass of individuals is unwilling and unable to do consistently.


Real leaders are not perfect, they make mistakes, they have flaws.  But the bright line through the flaws and imperfections is reflection and a greater concern for the WE and OUR, as opposed to the me and mine.


Think. Work. Achieve.


Your turn…

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