I was recently on a campus that I work with and I witnessed a package of leadership and teacher actions so out of ordinary, yet so sublimely easy and effective, that I have to share it.

This campus is preparing for the state accountability test. Based on their state test results from last year and their current common assessment results, they know that math is an area of concern (Action 1: Using Data).

Based on their data analysis, they are conducting a math concept review for their students. Each day, for 15 days, the math teachers are rotating through the math classes to re-teach 1 identified weak key concept (Action 2: Adjusting Practice Based on Results).

During the first day of the rotation, the administrators went and observed the teachers in action (Action 3: Hyper-monitoring).

After the administrators completed their observations, they met as a team to discuss what they observed and what feedback they should give the teachers (Action 4: Instructionally Focused Administrative Team Discussions).

Then at the end of the first day, the administrators met with the math teachers and provided the teachers with feedback. As a group, they discussed and determined what changes they would implement to make the review sessions even more effective (Action 5: Using Feedback – Improvement Loops).

This in a nutshell is how you systematically and purposefully get a little better each day. It was so awesome that I cried one lone tear.

Think. Work. Achieve.

Your turn…