Recently, I was training a group of teachers and during a break, a teacher asked me, “I see that one of the people you dedicated the book, The Fundamental 5, to was Betsy Shipper. Is that the Betsy Shipper who taught middle school math in Aldine ISD?”


“Yes. How do you know her?”


“She was my math teacher when I was in middle school. She was one of the best teacher’s I ever had.”


“Same here, hence the book dedication.”


We talked about how small the World is, and the break was over.


The next break, the teacher’s principal came up to me and shared that she was by far the best math teacher on the campus.


Here’s the thing, Ms. Shipper taught math to goofy middle school kids and got them to love it. So much so, that at least two of them followed in her footsteps, became math teachers and taught the greatest subject of all to a couple thousand more goofy teenagers.


That is the power of one teacher who loves her subject and goes out of her way to connect with all her students. The positive effects are long term and exponential.


Think. Work. Achieve.


Your turn…

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