Just a little get together with LYS, TASSP and 500 of our closest friends from across the country. Talking school, instruction and Astros baseball. Here are a couple of tweets from the sessions


  1. Who knew fly fishing had so much to do with what I do in the classroom!? Joe Mitchell – Sunday Keynote Presenter, “Their confidence in me is just as important as the confidence in myself.” (By @leslmeek)


  1. MY PAGES ARE OVERFLOWING with learning from the “Just Close” session with Sean Cain this evening at Fundamental 5 Summit in Austin, Texas. (By @RANESIAEDWARDS)


  1. We had an amazing day one training at the Fundamental 5 conference. (By @Eduleader4kids)


  1. “Copying notes off the board, does NOT require thinking. Students need to be thinking and drafting notes from reading and making connections. (By @RANESIAEDWARDS)


  1. Completing and analyzing data from Checkpoints, is NOT about the students. The data is for adults. Checkpoint data tells teachers where they should monitor and adjust. (By @RANESIAEDWARDS)


  1. Lesson Closure encourages deepest student thinking. (By @RANESIAEDWARDS)


  1. Critical, critical, critical! Pacing is critical!! (By @Richmond_DHS)


  1. Focus on what you can control. (By @sargueta12)


  1. When students walk into the room, there should be work to immediately do (the warm-up). It is essential to allow students to work with partners to cement the previous day’s learning during the warm-up. (By @RANESIAEDWARDS)


  1. McMeans Junior High brought a crowd to learn and grow! Loving all the learning and collaborating in Austin this weekend! (By @MrsBairdMath)


  1. Joe Mitchell – Adventurer, Author, Fly Fishing Consultant to the Stars, Keynote Speaker at The Fundamental 5 National Summit – Closes his Lesson!!! Do you? (By @LYSNation)


If you missed this year’s Summit, don’t despair… Five Fest 2021 will be even bigger!!!


Think. Work. Achieve.

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