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Just curious, what did you teach and where did you teach?


SC Response

Thanks for asking. In all honesty, at this point in my career the only relevance of my time in the classroom is that I spent time in the classroom.  Today’s curriculum resources, understanding of high-yield instructional practices, and performance accountability have advanced so far beyond what was the standard when I was teaching that there is next to nothing that the current teacher does that I did (which is a good thing).


That being said, I loved my time in the classroom. I taught math, science and students with emotional disturbances at an inner-city school in Houston, Texas.


With student population I taught, you learn a lot about good classroom management, relationship building, student motivation and purposeful instructional environments very quickly.


I was a good teacher, in my era. But that same teacher, doing the same thing in today’s classroom… Not so good.


Which is why I remind every teacher and administrator I work with, “Don’t be me. Be better than me.”


Think. Work. Achieve.

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