A LYS Campus Leader asks the following:


Can you share with me The Fundamental 5 practices that align with the modules on the  PowerWalks Classroom Observation Protocol? I want to make sure when I talk with teachers, I’m giving them accurate information.

Thank you.

SC Response

Not a problem.


Here are the PowerWalks observation modules that DIRECTLY aligned with The Fundamental 5.


  • Instructor Location
  • Lesson Framing
  • High-Yield Instructional Practices


These are the PowerWalks observation modules with a positive correlation to the Fundamental 5.


  • Pupil Engagement
  • Instructional Rigor
  • Instructional Relevance
  • Classroom Climate and Management Practices


The Bottom Line: As a teacher increases both the quality and quantity of Fundamental 5 practices used in the classroom, that improvement will be reflected in accurate, high-volume PowerWalks data.


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