As educators, we all know that student regression over the Summer is a real thing. Teachers with a couple of years’ experience have a pretty good feel for how much regression to expect by grade and content for the students served at their particular campus.


You may now nod your head in silent agreement.


Along with this profession knowledge, all educators also believe in MAGIC.


How do I know this is the case? Easy.


Because we all know that regression is a real thing. But, by our practice, will also believe that regression is not an issue for our most fragile learners. These students, who we all know on our campuses, magically PROGESS over the Summer.


That must be the case, because when these students return for the start of the school year, we don’t provide interventions, tutoring and extra support on Day One.


No. We wait, 6, 9 or 12 weeks into the school year to actually do something different to address the needs of a struggling student. A student that we knew was going to struggle back at the end of May.


Unless the MAGIC works.


It never does. Quit counting on it and have an intervention plan that begins in August, not November.


Think. Work. Achieve.

Your turn…

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