Recently I was asked, “Does a credit recovery program cheapen a high school diploma?”


That is a great question, that requires a little reflection before answering.  Because the short answer is, “Yes. A credit recovery program does cheapen a high school diploma.”


The complicated answer is,  “Yes. But it doesn’t matter”


Here are the reasons why it doesn’t matter that credit recovery programs cheapen a high school diploma.


  1. The credit recovery student graduates and enrolls in any post-secondary program (trade school, junior college, college, or the military). At that point the high school diploma is irrelevant. It is what the student does with the post-secondary experience that matters. The high school diploma is literally and figuratively a forgotten line on a resume.


  1. The credit recovery student graduates and starts working. The high school diploma is proof that the graduate had more self-discipline and persistence than the high school drop-out. Which is important information for a would be employer.


  1. The credit recovery student graduates but does not immediately enroll in a post-secondary program. Not what we want, but once this student matures and/or life circumstances change, better work options and continuing education options are significantly more accessible with a high school diploma than without.


Think. Work. Achieve.

Your turn…

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