I was talking to a teacher about the need to embed high-yield instructional practice, with increasing frequency and quality, in our instructional delivery. 

The teacher was resistant to having to change anything he was currently doing. His case… 

1. His traditional delivery was more than adequate.

2. The same practices worked just fine for him when he was a student.

3. The computer assisted instructional program that his students used periodically in his class required deep thinking by his students; gave his student immediate and specific feedback; and provided students with regular, authentic recognition and reinforcement. 

I stopped him after his third point. I asked if the computer delivered instructional program purchased by his district and used in his classroom, really did all the things that he claimed. 

He assured me that it did.

I asked him, “So, exactly why does the school district need you?”

Immediately, the computer program became more of a drill and kill tool and the pursuit of better instructional practices wasn’t quite as unnecessary. 

Think. Work. Achieve.

Your turn…

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