Of the four main school performance drivers (Segregation, Life Experience, Instruction, Motivation) none is more insidious than segregation.


Segregation separates into groups of those having some advantage (have’s) and those not having the required advantages (have-not’s). The advantages can be varied. Common advantages are wealth, power, connections, aptitude, and/or motivation. Not surprisingly, when compared, the advantaged group out performs the disadvantaged group. Then factor in increased resources for the advantaged group and the gaps between the performance of the two becomes an exponential function, not a linear one.


Three important considerations for those advocating for segregation-based school reform models (see: almost every politician and educators serving the segregated, advantaged groups):


  1. Segregated school improvement models are not scalable, and hence a dead-end solution for all but the segregationists.


  1. Comparing segregated and non-segregated schools is a false comparison. The “findings” in such comparisons either further the political agenda of the segregationist or simply confirm that “water is generally wet.”


  1. Segregated school success isn’t earned, it is gamed.


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