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Our district is following the steps of the Fundamental 5 (love it!) but I have a question about Framing the Lesson in Kindergarten. We are self-contained, so we teach ALL content, Language Arts, Math, Social Studies and Science.

Do the objective statements have to be specifically stated starting “I Will…” or would using “I Can….” statements be “kid friendly” and usable in place of that?

Any advice is welcomed!


LC Response

Thanks for e-mailing and asking your question. Due to the incredible amount of teacher work in Kindergarten, we recommend that you only Frame two things – whole group reading and whole group math.


When I say whole group, I mean just that – when you have all the kids on the carpet in front of you.  Please stick to the language of “We Will” and “I Will” – we want to build super tight vertical alignment and it supports the consistency of message and it sends the subtle signal that the kids have some responsibility and that you believe they will accomplish the learning.


With all of that stated above – there are many, many times where the “I Will” statement will be a demonstration – so it will be, “I will show… or, I will demonstrate.”


In Math

“We will make groups of numbers (sets) from 0-10.”


Over time, you just use the word sets – after the kids have had some experiences – then label what it is.

“I will show my teacher a group of 7.”


As kids are more and more sophisticated that moves from showing to telling a partner.


“I will explain to my partner how I made a group of 7.”


Then you get more sophisticated.


“I will share how I know a set of 8 is bigger than a set of 3.”


In Reading

“We will use pictures to predict what happens in a story.”

“I will share what I think will happen next and why.”




“I will explain how pictures help me understand what is happening in a story.”



Hope this helps!  The main thing to ask yourself is – what do I want my kids to take away today – by showing or by talking (in the spring worry about the writing more) that I can build on tomorrow?  The Frame is something you purposefully design that makes sure the learning loop is actually closed so kids remember from day to day.


Think. Work. Achieve.

Your turn…

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