I am constantly asked what I think about school accountability. Here is the short answer:


School Accountability is needed and necessary. Without accountability, schools do what is good for some students and create justifications for not doing what is good for students that are difficult to reach. This is not an indictment, simply an objective fact.


Now the longer answer:


School Accountability has forced the practices of public school educators to evolve faster than they ever have in the history of our profession. We now have better instructional tools and a better array of instructional practices than possessed by anyone who has ever taught before us.  And more importantly, more teachers are using those tools and practices in their classrooms to great effect. The simple fact is that today’s educators teach more diverse students, with greater needs, to higher levels of success, in greater numbers, than yesterday’s educators.


There is just one significant change that has caused this. Not technology. Not resources. Not preparation. Not information. Not sympathy or empathy. The change…


Accountability for student performance.


Think. Work. Achieve.

Your turn…

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