Here is the most common pushback we get when we’re working with struggling campuses.  We’ll teach the staff a practice or process to get better results and someone will say..


“Well, this won’t work with all our students.”


Duh. Nothing works with every student, all the time.


But, if I can do something that helps all the students I’m currently reaching and makes a positive impact on 10% of the students I’m not currently reaching, then why not do it?


Because here is the crazy thing. Doing the thing that helps me reach 10% more students will actually do better than that.  Because as more students begin to have success, they pull non-successful peers up with them.  Again, not all of them, but more than you expect.


The point being, quit looking for the 100% solution.  Not only is it not there, what you are currently doing is also not a 100% solution. Instead, just focus on doing more of what does work and letting go of what doesn’t.


Think. Work. Achieve.

Your turn…

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