With every school I work with at some point a conversation about student grades will come up. Because every school I have ever worked with does NOT grade student achievement fairly and accurately. 

By the way, that is fact… Not opinion.

Now I know you are upset and are about to either hit the unsubscribe button or write a comment that explains in detail how accurate and objective the grading policy is at your school.  Don’t do either.  Just know that almost all reported grades have elements of subjectivity.

In fact, I have learned there are only two grades that accurately paint a picture of the student. 

These are the overall semester grades of 70 and 69. 

The student who earns an overall semester grade of a 70 is a decent, agreeable kid. 

The student who earns an overall semester grade of a 69 is kind of a jerk.

“I can’t believe I failed with a 69.”

“Really, Mr. Cain? Because none of your teachers are surprised.”

Think. Work. Achieve.

Your turn…

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