A LYS teacher and Fundamental 5 National Summit participant shares the following:


Good morning! I wanted to send you a report on the power of The Fundamental 5 National Summit.

I went back home and immediately started doing the things I heard about and experienced at the Summit. In just two days the teaching experience in my classroom has completely changed, for the better. Teaching is fun again and I feel that my students and I are having success, instead of slogging uphill and wondering if we are accomplishing anything.  

My Lesson Frame for yesterday was:

“We will find characteristics of similarity and how we use similarity in math.”

“I will summarize similarity and how I can use it during math class.”

The lesson had already been planned, but after the amazing presentation by LYS Teacher, Traci Tousant, I changed it to more of a Lesson Design and planned out everything step by step.  The impact was immediate and noticeable. My time in the Power Zone was almost magical. 

I got work and information out of students that don’t ever participate and constantly complain that they hate math.  At the end of the period, I concluded with a real Close, which I learned how to do CORRECTLY in your presentation. I handed out index cards to students and they wrote their summaries and how to use similarity in math.  I had 100% of students do the exit ticket along with added student notes that said, “Thanks for the lesson today, you made math fun!”

So, I want to thank you and the LYS Team for the effort that was put into The Fundamental 5 Summit.  It was obvious to all 500 of the Summit attendees that the LYS Team and Summit Presenters truly care about the profession, love their students, and love their careers. 

The Fundamental 5… It’s not a program, it’s a way of life in the classroom!!

Think. Work. Achieve.

Your turn…

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