A LYS Teacher asks the following:


Can you give me some examples of a Close on a test day?  Here is the testing environment on my campus. Students are given the class period to complete the test and are they finish at different times within that 45 minutes.

I start the class with reviewing the Objective and the Close.  Then I remind them of some basic test taking tips before I finally give them the test

Here is the Lesson Frame I used today.
“We will demonstrate our knowledge of photosynthesis, cellular respiration, and cell division on the Chapter 2 Test.”

“I will read carefully, recheck my answers on the test, and start my homework for tomorrow’s lesson.”  

Was this acceptable? What would be better?

Lesa Cain Response I’m so happy to help you better Frame a test I love that you are even DOING it!

I have a suggestion and a challenge. First the suggestion.  Your Objective (We will…) is fine. On test day, some teachers use the Objective as a fun motivation tool.  For example:
“We will use our enormous brains to totally crush the Chapter 2 Test.”  

Try it and see if your students respond to it.

The challenge is for your Close (I will…).  We (LYS) train that it is important to set a goal on an assessment.  
“I will score 80% or higher on my test.” 

This type of Close sets you up to provide your students with Recognition & Reinforcement and provides you with an incredible opportunity to build relationships with your students by talking about the results and tracking those results them over time. Hope this helps!

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