A lot of educators share the following common concern with me, “I know I’m teaching better, how come my results aren’t better.”

There are three basic answers.  Here are the links to the first two answers (Answer A on 1/12/17) and (Answer B on 1/1/17).  Here is the last and most nuanced reason. 

It takes time and system exposure.

First, the closer the student is to pure family influence, the less influence the teacher has.  Which means that a Kindergarten teacher will SEEMINGLY (not actually) make less of an impact than some 5th grade teachers.  In Kindergarten, the family has been the primary education source for 4 to 5 years.  In just one year of Kindergarten, there is a limit to the amount of education value that can be added.  In 5th grade, the teacher is receiving a student that has had four to five years of formal education added to the base of family education. This allows for a potentially greater one year growth.

Second, the more effective the instructional system educating the child the greater the potential growth.  The effective system magnifies the effect of teachers, each year. Meaning the longer the student is enrolled in the system, the higher the performance. 

You can view this effect in the performance data of the high performing Title 1 elementary school. In Kindergarten, student performance is barely above what is predicted by student demographics. Then each subsequent grade level begins to perform above peer expectations.  This culminates with 5th grade scores rivaling much more affluent schools.        

Think. Work. Achieve. Your turn…

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