Two brothers, one year apart in age. One ends up with multiple degrees, a professional job, and stable home life.  One ends up with no degrees, trouble with the law, and multiple children with multiple women. What drove the different outcomes? 

My premise… Five teachers. 

Two elementary teachers, Rasmussen and Harris, who broke the rules to nurture a poor kid in a suburban school.  A sixth grade teacher, Maas, who recognized that the status quo track was the wrong track.  A middle school teacher, Shipper, who stayed focused on the academics and ignored the behavior. A high school coach and teacher, Wallace, who taught more through example, action, and character than through words and content. 

One brother was lucky enough to have the right five teachers. The other, not as fortunate.

Lives were changed. 

Be one of the FIVE.

Think. Work. Achieve. Your turn…

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