A LYS Principal asks the following:


As you know my staff has been busting their tails to better implement The Fundamental 5 this year. And as was pointed out many times during our training sessions with our LYS Coach, the better you plan for The Fundamental 5 before the lesson, the easier it is to deliver The Fundamental 5 during the lesson. In this pursuit, do you know of a good lesson plan template than incorporates The Fundamental 5 instructional components?

SC Response Funny that you should ask…


The Fundamental 5 Lesson Developer guides the teacher in designing a lesson that incorporates all elements of The Fundamental 5.

AND, it creates an Instructional Rigor and Relevance map for the lesson.

AND, the teacher can save, edit and print the lesson.

AND, the teacher can email the lesson to other educators.

AND, all of this for the low, low price of… F-R-E-E!!!

I don’t want to say this is the greatest FUNDAMENTAL 5 LESSON PLAN DEVELOPER ever built.  So I’ll let you do it.

To use the tool, just go to LeadYourSchool.com

Here’s a sample lesson plan and rigor/relevance map.

Think. Work. Achieve.
Your turn…

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