Last week, the 3rd Annual Fundamental 5 Summit was held in Austin, Texas. Over 300 educators from across the country attended and participated.  Here are some of the highlights of from the Summit, as reported on Twitter.

Lively learning last longer. (By @tra_hall)

Never give students of any age anything… Make them get up and come and get it. Get them moving. (By @tra_hall)

Adapt – Adjust – Apply: This is what we all must do after we learn something new. (By @tra_hall)

Which wolf (positive or negative) wins the battle? The one you feed. (By @leslmeek)

The negative wolf is NOT being fed by students.  It is being fed by big people like us!!! (By @leslmeek)

Amazing speech by Charles Foster Johnson. Are you one of the faces in a child’s Mount Rushmore? (By @tudon26)

Accountability is a force of evil used as justification to not fund public schools. (By @tra_hall)

“Game of Schools” Teach the right content, at the right rigor, at the right time… or it’s WRONG! (By @TraciTousant)

Accountability is tough on us but better for kids. (By @GarzaNesie)

In the accountability era, pacing in paramount. (By @tra_hall)

Common assessments should be designed to keep students and teachers on pace. (By @tra_hall)

Superstar teachers implement the fundamentals with high frequency and high quality. (By @tra_hall)

The close is not a “task.” The close is proof of understanding. (By @leslmeek)

Think. Work. Achieve. Your turn…

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