Last week I had two vastly different conversations with two teachers from two different schools.

The first conversation was with a teacher from a Title I school on the Texas/Mexico boarder.  This veteran teacher could not wait for school to start and to meet her new students. Her excitement and enthusiasm was contagious.  And I couldn’t help but smile as she walked away.  Every one of us would want our own children in that teacher’s classroom.  And her principal later confirmed that she is a campus superstar.

The second conversation was with a teacher from a very affluent school in a suburban setting.  This teacher was complaining about how tough this year is going to be.  You see, this year, she is going to have to teach a section of “on level” students.  It seems that at this school “on-level” is code for poor and/or minority students. This teacher personified everything wrong with our profession and I was mentally and emotionally drained as she walked away.  I would not want to assign the children of my worst enemy to this teacher’s classroom.  And her principal later confirmed that she is a campus cancer.

My point is that with the new school year, you get to choose your attitude.  For the sake of your students, especially the one’s that need you the most… CHOOSE THE RIGHT ONE.

Think. Work. Achieve. Your turn…

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