An old school LYSer shares the following:


I’m concerned that we now live in a non-science age.  I just heard one of the science teachers on my campus talking about the “consensus” of climate change science.  As a trained and published physicist, I almost lost it.  Then I read statements in the media like, “settled science”? 

Since when has science EVER been settled?  Science is a current model and we (scientists) continually search for a better model!  Or at least we should.

If this is what our new science teachers know about science, lets just quit teaching science all together because evidently we are just pretending.  Instead just teach practical applications, such as engineering, computer programming and nursing. 

All of this reminds me of an interview with Einstein during the time of Nazi Germany.  Einstein was told that the Nazi’s had put a team of scientists together to disprove his theories and the reporter wanted to know what Einstein thought about it.

Einstein’s response: If I am wrong they will need only one scientist. 

And that’s the way real science works. Science is not consensus.  So for the record, how many valid experiments or valid, consistent contradictory data points are needed to disprove a model?  One.

Rant over. I guess I’ll go get ready to teach Newton’s Third SUGGESTION of Motion.

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