In response to the 10/1/14 post, “Lesson Framing in the Kindergarten Classroom,” a LYS Teacher asks:


Thanks for this post! Can you share some examples of Lesson Frames from a Kindergarten classroom? That would be incredibly helpful.

SC Response I passed your request on to LYS Icon and Elementary School expert, Barbara Fine.

BF Response Here are three Kindergarten lesson frames.  I have included the student expectation from the TEKS (Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills) to provide some background and rationale.

We will read about the characters and what they do from the story, Lazy Duck.

I will share my drawing of Lazy Duck and the cat to tell how they are the same and different. (TEKS: Students will describe characters in a fictional story and the reasons for their actions.)

We will identify titles and illustrations in the book, How Plants Grow.

I will share how I know what plants need to live and grow. (TEKS: Students will identify topic and details in expository text heard or read – referring to words and/or illustrations.)

We will identify the attributes of different objects.

I will share how 2-D and 3-D objects are the same and different. (TEKS: Students will sort a variety of objects including two-dimensional and three-dimensional geometric figures according to their attributes.)

I hope these help.

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