Recently, Dr. James Davis completed a study on the effect of The Fundamental 5 and PowerWalks on instructional rigor.  Interesting reading and the findings validate what we had been observing in the field.  But Davis added a wrinkle to his study that we weren’t expecting.  Along with all the performance indicators, Davis also asked teachers for their opinion.

I know… Crazy.

Davis asked teachers if they believed that the campus use of PowerWalks had a positive impact on their ability to implement The Fundamental 5.  63% answered affirmative, about 22% were neutral and only about 15% disagreed.

The same teachers were then asked if they believed that using The Fundamental 5 increased the rigor of delivered instruction.  79% answered affirmative, about 11% were neutral and less than 10% disagreed.

Two teacher comments were particularly enlightening.  One teacher shared, “I very seldom receive any feedback on the PowerWalks (SC Note: This should not be the case), therefore it doesn’t really impact me. I believe in The Fundamental Five, so I practice them.”

Another teacher shared, I agree but that does not mean I like them.”

Improving one’s practice is not easy, but what the report points out is once teachers are aware of what is right vs. what is easy…  Overwhelmingly, they do what is right!

Think. Work. Achieve. Your turn…

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