A teacher new to the LYS Nation asks:


Would praise for a student while I am in the lecture position count towards Recognition and Reinforcement as described in The Fundamental 5 (Cain and Laird)?
Have to say, I have found your book most helpful.

SC Response Another great question from the field. When you are trying to determine what is and is not Recognition and Reinforcement, it is not as straightforward as it seems.

The first issue is that most people confuse “Positive Talk” with actual “Recognition and Reinforcement.” Though related, they are not the same.  

Positive Talk is the “Good job… Glad you’re here… You’re on fire…” type of comments.  The regular use of these comments is often the precursor to increasing the quantity of actual Recognition and Reinforcement in the classroom. But they do not reach the Recognition and Reinforcement strata, as I will explain.

Academic Recognition is the specific recognition of either academic success or academic growth.  Academic Reinforcement is the specific reinforcement of the work required to achieve the academic success or growth.  Here is an example:  
“Brandy, because you showed your work and didn’t give up, you were able to find your mistake on problem number 3.  Getting that question correct raised your grade from a 70 to an 80. That’s a 20-point improvement from the last test you took. You are really making some phenomenal strides.”

I hope my answer provided a little clarification.

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