In response to the 6/26/2013 post, Sometimes It Pays to Play the Game,” a LYSer sends in the following (and mandatory) revision to my proactive scheduling plan:


It is always good to think out of the box for scheduling. A couple of hiccups in your science plan, though, due to prerequisite requirements in the TEKS:
Chemistry may only be taken AFTER successful completion of Algebra I. If you move Algebra I to the sophomore year, chemistry has to be a junior course.

Physics can be a freshmen science, as it only requires concurrent Algebra 1, or successful completion of it. If you keep Algebra 1 as a sophomore class, then Physics cannot be a 9th grade class, but could be 10th grade. 

That means the only options for 9th grade science under your model would be IPC or Biology (& it’s STAAR test). 

The math prerequisites for sciences influence the order. 

D. Tate

SC Response

Thank you for catching the fly in the ointment.  But as you point out, the plan still works with a minor adjustment.  So here is the revised High School schedule.

Freshman Year English – English III or English IV Mathematics – Geometry Science – IPC Social Studies – World Geography or World History

Sophomore Year English – English I (EOC TEST) Mathematics – Algebra I (EOC TEST) Science – Environmental Science or Physics Social Studies – World Geography or World History

Junior Year English – English II (EOC TEST) Mathematics – Algebra II Science – Biology (EOC TEST) Social Studies – U.S. History (EOC TEST)

Senior Year English – English III or English IV Mathematics – Upper level math or elective Science – Chemistry or Physics or elective Social Studies – Elective

Now look at how the traditional schedule compares against the LYS Proactive Schedule in terms of EOC administration.

Traditional Schedule The LYS Proactive Schedule
Freshman Year 3 or 4 EOC Tests 0 EOC Test
Sophomore Year 1 or 2 EOC Tests 2 EOC Tests
Junior Year 0 or 1 EOC Test 3 EOC Tests
Senior Year 0 EOC Test 0 EOC Test

So what are you going to do on your campus?

Think. Work. Achieve. Your turn…

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