A LYS Teacher asks:


I really like the alignment component with CSCOPE… and the scope and sequence helpful as well. What will districts do now?

SC Response At this point, the only thing that won’t be available in CSCOPE will be the lessons. And the lessons were simply an add-on.  The power of CSCOPE is the vertical and horizontal alignment to the TEKS.

Who is hurt by CSCOPE being FORCED to remove the supporting lessons are TEACHERS.  Not the master teacher, teaching a familiar content.  But everyone else…  The rookie teacher who has no lessons or doesn’t yet recognize a good lesson from a bad one.  The long-term sub who is trying to keep a class moving forward.  The veteran teacher who is teaching a new grade level or course. The coach in the middle of a season.  And the teacher dealing with a temporary crisis in his or her life.  These teachers now have had a resource/safety net STOLEN from them.

And we can pin the THEFT to one man, a state senator who has no experience in education and represents no school districts that actually use CSCOPE.  That man, Senator Dan Patrick, who proudly supports vouchers, reduced school funding, increased testing and the dismantling of teacher resources.  And now he is running for Lieutenant Governor, highlighting his enlightened education policy leadership.

So I ask you… What will teachers do now?

Think. Work. Achieve. Your turn…

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