In response to the 2/15/13 post, “It Seems That CSCOPE is the Root of All Evil (Part 4 of 4),” a school board member writes:


I appreciate the information that you have provided as I currently serve as a school trustee. We are currently discussing purchasing CSCOPE. However, your presentation reeks of ill will toward others and I have grown so tired of the hatefulness and discord from both sides of the aisle. I think you would be better served to present your information in a straightforward factual manner.

Again, I do thank you because you answered a lot of my questions that I am hearing from my constituents. By the way, these people aren’t stupid, mean-spirited, or evil – they are just trying to find answers.

SC Response Thank you for your civil agreements and points of contention.  I cannot begin to express how much I appreciate it.  When I present to groups who have questions about CSCOPE, I share the pros and cons about the tool.  In my writings, prior to the “Root of All Evil,” posts, I endeavored to lay out a rational argument for the mission critical need of a vertically aligned, common scope and sequence, of which CSCOPE is an example.

The tone of the “Root of All Evil,” posts was different because of the traction the irrational, illogical arguments had gotten.  I did not make up the attacks that I listed; they were actual quotes.  My intent was to expose those attacks for the craziness they represent and provide some facts / rationales to counter those attacks. 

And as always, not liking CSCOPE or recognizing the imperfections in CSCOPE, isn’t in itself good or bad.  In fact, the rational critiques of CSCOPE only serve to make us better consumers and CSCOPE a better product. 

On the other hand, when political extremist hijack an issue to further their own agenda, we can either wring our hands or we can do something.  The posts were my attempt to do something. I have no stake in CSCOPE, but like you, I do have a stake in rational discord and I do want to make sure that for those who are looking for it, they can find real answers and logical arguments.

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