In response to the 2/7/13 post, “The Superintendent’s Corner… CSCOPE,” a reader writes:


Thank you for your positive comments about CSCOPE. A couple of comments:

1. Agree – There are many superintendents, principals, and other administrators that do not know how to implement CSCOPE. How can we say we are instructional leaders, unless we can lead?

2. CSCOPE is spelled CSCOPE – not C-SCOPE, or other variables. It is a created term for this product and is not an acronym. As educators, we should lead by example and use the correct spelling for educational terms.

3. If you listened to the Senate Education Committee – one has to agree with you that the leadership at TESCCC needs a big change. If you are going to run the number one curriculum system in Texas, you have to know how to be a politician.

4. As far as “free.” Oh, my… what are we thinking? There is no free lunch. TESCCC does not make money. They flow money from ISDs to an organization that creates the content of our curriculum, assessments, keeps up with TEKS changes, etc. As individual districts none of us have the funds to do this by ourselves. TESCCC is exactly what Senator Patrick was encouraging us to do a few years ago, “join cooperatives.” We have a curriculum cooperative. Free – it practically is! It is a 501.3c and doesn’t create a dime. If you want it open, publishers will “steal” it; if you want it free, then SBEC or TEA will control it. Oh, that’s a smart idea.

TESCCC needs a leadership change. Superintendents need to make sure they explain CSCOPE and that their principals can train teachers on how to use CSCOPE. Until that happens, we need to get ready for SBEC to take over on one of the biggest sides of the Foundation Trinity – aligned curriculum.

SC Response I agree with your agreement.

1. Thanks for the correction.  Perhaps my not knowing that will put a halt to the rumor that I’m in some way connected to CSCOPE.  But I doubt it.

2. This is the case of no good deed goes unpunished. When the success of a group of dedicated educators get in the way of the agenda of a power hungry megalomaniac politician, don’t bet on the educators.

3. Agreed.  As for Senator Patrick (who actually represents me in spite of my best efforts), it is my belief and observation that getting re-elected motivates him.  It is only about him.  Cooperatives were simply a talking point to further himself.  Now dismantling cooperatives is simply a talking point to further himself. 

4. Agreed.  And expect the lessons to go away.  Which means for teachers with multiple preps, new preps or little experience, good luck… because once again, you are going to be on your own.  I suggest you remember that next time you are in the voting booth.  I can promise you that I will.

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