Regular blog contributor and LYS Legend, The Ol’ Ball Coach, asked that I pass this on to LYS Nation.


As I listen to venom and disrespect directed towards educators in general and teachers in particular, I’ve been thinking a lot about my aunt.

Aunt Erin taught 5th grade for 44 years and when she retired from Sinton ISD the district and the community gave her a grand party.  It was a big deal and she was showered with accolades and presents. A couple of weeks after the celebration I asked Aunt Erin what was the best gift that she received?  Without a moments hesitation she said it was a handwritten letter from a former student.

It seems that unbeknownst to my aunt, the year this student was in her class the student was the victim of some terrible things at her home.  It was a very dark time in her life.  In the letter the student thanked my Aunt because at that time the only positives in her life were my Aunt’s class and the attention that my Aunt gave her every day.  She credited my Aunt for giving her the strength to persevere and an example of what she could be.

A student letter was the greatest gift Aunt Erin ever received.

LYS Nation, you cannot comprehend how important the work you do everyday actually is.  And you may never know how much of a positive impact that work you do will have on the future of your students. Just know that you are working for a greater good.

The Ol’ Ball Coach

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