Note: CSCOPE is a vertically aligned scope and sequence used by hundreds of school districts.

I’ve been informally following the anti CSCOPE loonies for a while, mostly for entertainment purposes.  I find the anti-CSCOPE’rs to be a lot like the anti-children vaccination parents who seemingly believe, “Science, research and significant benefits aside, my opinions matter and everyone else should suffer and be put at risk to make me happy.”

Try as I might, I have a difficult time emphathizing with that mindset.  Sadly, like a mongrel dog that won’t give up a bone, these people aren’t giving up anytime soon, so over the next four posts, I’m going to summarize their arguments and provide a response.  Before reading these arguments, it might be helpful to first bang your head against the wall 8 or 9 times to suspend critical thought.

Anti-CSCOPE Argument Number 1: Smart people and professionals I don’t agree with helped design CSCOPE.  So obviously it is an evil, brainwashing propaganda tool.

Response: Yes, smart people and professionals were and continue to be instrumental in the design of CSCOPE. The resulting tool is the result of this original and subsequently on-going collaboration.  And yes, the tool created by this collaboration of experts (with representatives from the classroom to university hall) is different than what teachers used previously.  That is a good thing. Just like Lipitor, smart phones, and hybrid engines are good things that weren’t available 20 years ago.

Anti-CSCOPE Argument Number 2: Some of the smart people and professionals who designed CSCOPE can be connected to supporting Pretender Obama, a known Muslim, foreigner and anti-American.  So obviously CSCOPE is an evil, brainwashing, socialist propaganda tool.

Response: Yes, some of the smart people and professionals connected to CSCOPE openly support President Obama.  As did 51% of the country and even 41% of Texans.  And no, the President is not a Muslim (which wouldn’t matter), foreigner nor anti-American. Additionally, the most blatant attempts to politicize curriculum are coming from YOU, so please take a deep breath and slow your roll.  

Anti-CSCOPE Argument Number 3: CSCOPE is tied to the Common Core, which is an overt and obvious attempt to federalize all public schools.

Response: Sadly, for the purposes of your conspiracy theory, CSCOPE predates the Common Core.  CSCOPE is a resource that has been built to better help teachers meet the instructional requirements of TAKS and STAAR and avoid the sanctions of not meeting those requirements. Now here are the juicy ironies.

A. The Common Core is modeled on instructional concepts that were pioneered by the TEKS.  Texas Republicans, Bush and Perry put this into place.

B. The sanctions attached to not meeting accountability standards were put into place, again, by Bush, Perry and the Right.  The tool you hate has been designed to meet the requirements demanded by, enacted for, and supported by YOU.

If there ever was a proof point for the Law of Unintended Consequences (for you), this is it. On the other hand, not only is the tool useful for educators, every year it improves.

Is your head hurting yet? Tomorrow, we’ll address arguments 4 thru 6.

Think. Work. Achieve. Your turn…

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