Though the blog went on hiatus for the Christmas Holidays, the LYS Nation Twitter Feed just kept on going.  So for the next couple of days, we’ll catch up on the highlights.  Here are the Top LYS Tweets from the week of December 30, 2012.

1. There are too many people making decisions about schools who have no idea what goes on in a school. (By @ONeilCHSprincip)

2. One student talking isn’t purposeful if the other 20 are just sitting there. Get them all talking. (By @kimbarker25)

3. If we continue to teach the way we have always taught, we will not get the same results we’ve always gotten. (By @hjgrubbs)

4. “Hard work can out-do genetics!” (By @AmbitionDaily)

5. Texas’ GOP budget writers are in no hurry to restore billions cut from schools. (By @tlonganecker)

6. We learn little by sitting and listening. Try explaining, persuading, arguing with the person next to you instead. (By @anniemurphypaul)

7. Superior performance comes from identifying, and refining, the patterns that recur in your work. (By @anniemurphypaul)

8. Notre Dame first team in BCS Championship Game history to also be first in graduation rates. (By @richardjustice)

9. Before Christmas break I gave my staff The Fundamental 5 (Cain & Laird). Can’t wait to implement this book study with them. (By @dsteeber)

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