In regards to the monthly PowerWalks Hero School designation and listings a LYS Principal on a small campus asks:


I’m just curious.

In March, there were 96 PowerWalks conducted on my campus and we were named a Hero School.

In April, we conducted 98 PowerWalks on my campus and we were not named a Hero School.

Again, not complaining, just curious?

SC Response

Great question and the answer is that the designation is somewhat arbitrary. The cutoff number varies from month to month, based on what the entire field of observers and campuses were able to do in a given month. This makes the “Hero” designation a little like a golf tournament.  In golf, if you shoot five under par, you are obviously a good golfer. However, sometimes five under par wins the tournament and sometimes five under par puts you in the middle of the pack.  On a campus your size a monthly total of between 100 and 150 classroom observations usually puts you in the hunt.  As you have observed, your monthly totals typically places you in a “very good, with a chance of hero” position.  

Just keep in mind, that even with veteran principals and seasoned classroom observers, it takes about 300 new observations before you will notice something new or figure something out.  For you, based on your volume of observations, that something new is popping up about once every three to four months.  On most campuses, it might take years.  That is why for some observing classrooms boarders on obsession.  It is the most active way to quench one’s thirst for professional knowledge.

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