A LYS Principal asks,
I’m getting a lot of pressure to implement PLC’s on my campus. My teachers are already busting their tails so I am loath to add more to their plates. What do you suggest?
SC Response Just because you call your regular meetings a PLC, doesn’t magically make them an effective use of time and energy. Sadly, in my observation, most PLC’s are retreads of standing committee meetings with a new moniker. So I’m with you, if I’m going to infringe on already limited instructional and planning time, I want value and action.
To get value and action, here is my basic PLC recommendation.1. Have a syllabus for the year.2. Have a predictable meeting focus cycle. For example: Week 1: Curriculum preview Week 2: Assessment development Week 3: Data analysis & adjustment Repeat cycle. 3. Have a tight meeting agenda and meeting time limit.
You have to ensure is that all PLC activities are directly correlated to the components of the Foundation Trinity. Otherwise, even if your people are engaged and busy, productivity is diminished.
Finally, I leave you with this action idea. One old school LYS principal has the following standing goal:
Take at least one thing off my teachers’ plate, each semester.
That means if you add something new (and a PLC requirement would be a “new”), take at least one thing away.
Think. Work. Achieve.
Your turn…

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