LYS Principal submits the following: SC, I just had an experience that has convinced me that there is no more important instructional practice than Working in the Power Zone. One of my teachers brought a student to my office to complete his work. He had made some poor choices in class. The teacher gave him his assignment he was to work on and clearly stated the instruction, “Write why it is important to follow instructions.” I was taking care of some paperwork so I let the student work quietly while I was stuck in my ‘instructor work area.’ Multi-tasking, I occasionally asked the student a guiding question that I thought would focus his ‘critical writing,’ which of course required him to write why it is important to follow instructions. And his verbal responses to my questions were to my satisfaction. When I left my “instructor work area” to get in the “Power Zone”, I discovered the student had been busy writing. Just not writing what the teacher and I envisioned. Instead, he had written, over and over again, the sentence, “Why is it important to follow directions?” I had to laugh at this great reminder of how simple tasks still need our “eyes” for student success. SC Response Great story and a testament to how when we allow our attention to be divided between what is critical (students and instruction) and what is pressing (paperwork and administrivia) how quickly student effort is wasted. Think. Work. Achieve. Your turn…

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