In response to the 9/30/11 post, “Teacher Nests – Part 5,” the Big Easy writes: I consider it a “slow news day” when we have to resort to talking about teacher nests (I know I am the one that brought it up). You are 100% right – instruction should always be the primary focus. No excuses why we can’t put the kids first. Just clean it up your nest so we can move on to discussions about effective instructional strategies (The Fundamental 5), how we can extend the connection between kids and instruction (bootleg technology), and how we connect with our kids (relationships). There is plenty more to talk about than your mess. And by the way, our students know when the focus is on them and when it is not. The Big Easy SC Response As you can see, The Big Easy got his name based on his demeanor, not because of a lack of focus or an unwillingness to set the record straight. Think. Work. Achieve. Your turn…

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